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Christina Ledoux, L.Ac MTCM

Christina's passion for holistic health and science led her to explore various alternative healing practices. She found that Acupuncture and Reiki complemented each other perfectly, and decided to merge the two to create a unique practice that focused on physical and spiritual balance. Her education in Traditional Chinese medicine in the U.S. gave her a strong foundation in western medicine, which she used to translate symptoms and approach treatments in an integrative way. This approach allowed her to bring together two worlds and offer a more comprehensive healing experience for her clients. With her knowledge and understanding of both symptomatic treatments and energetic healing, Christina has been able to facilitate her own healing journey and help many others do the same. She offers a range of tools and techniques to empower and guide those who wish to improve their physical and spiritual well-being. 

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Growing up, Christina experienced trauma and pain that would eventually manifest into PCOS, digestive issues, and inflammatory symptoms. Her journey has been one of struggle, but also of resilience and healing.


She began to explore alternative forms of treatment, including acupuncture and holistic medicine. Where she learned about the mind-body connection and how our emotions and thoughts can impact our physical health. She started practicing mindfulness and meditation, which helped her manage her anxiety and depression. She also changed her diet and slowed down, which helped her manage her symptoms and improve her overall health. Through her own healing journey, she found her purpose through helping others connect back with their own inherent healing abilities and inner wisdom. 


30 N. Raymond Ave. Pasadena, CA 91103  /  Tel. 626-999-1163

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